Wireframes: What’s all this now?

Wireframes are a selection online sketches of your website’s pages, meant to demonstrate the unique features of your site and how we think the website is best organized.

Wireframes show how the user will navigate your website, how content will be ordered, what features are present, and what areas will be most prominent.

The above list of links are the wireframes we have created for your site. Use some of the questions below to critique and analyze the wireframes.

Questions to ask yourself when reviewing wireframes:

  • What is the first thing a user sees, and why? Is the most important thing to my business right now?
  • Will users be able to quickly find their way around my website?
  • What features do you think will be particularly useful for your business, and why?
    Our goal is the build the best website for your business, and we want all the industry insight and experience we can gather.
  • Are there any features I think my customers could benefit from that are not included?

Continue the Discussion

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Shelby Smith, Lead Web Designer